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The Enterprise Java Newscast, hosted by Kito D. Mann, Ian Hlavats, and Daniel Hinojosa, is a monthly podcast that covers the latest headlines in the world of enterprise software development.

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Oct 5, 2020

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The gang is back for another jam-packed episode! Josh, Kito, Daniel, and Ian catch up with a quick chat about Zoom fatigue and virtual school, and then dive into news about TypeScript, say goodbye to IE 11, and welcome WebComponents in every browser. We discuss new Java microservice...

Aug 12, 2020

On this episode we dive into the Black Lives Matter topic, and see how it affects tech, from racial bias, to terminology. We take a time to discuss and see how technology can hinder (or help) our problems.

We also see what's new in the UI and Server side world! (Angular 10 is ALREADY released), OmniFaces, Spring Boot...

Jul 8, 2020

We took the time to (virtually) ask Cagatay to join us and talk about COVID Dashboard, Deep Netts platform, and the news that GitHub Acquired NPM!

We also take the time to explore some of the Open Source COVID-19 efforts / dashboards and data, seeing how tech can help making sense of the pandemic.

We thank 

May 12, 2020

Yep, the crowd have been catching up with their netflix shows, reading cool blogs, and keeping up to date in the Enterprise space! We dive a little into some of the COVID-19 OSS projects out there (for those who want to take a peek and contribute), and then cover the interesting news of Github acquiring NPM!

Then we...

Mar 30, 2020

Oh my, staying in isolation is tough! But that didn't stop the crew of Stackd to record the latest news in the full-stack space! From UI (Angular 9 is released!), to JavaFX 14, and Micronaut 1.3, there has been a lot of new things to play with!

Then we follow the crew as we dive into "Developer Happiness" and what does...